About us

Audio newspapers in danish!
The blind, partially sighted and dyslexic get all the national and international news from the radio and the audio portion of TV.
But since they can't read the local district paper, they don't know what happens in their own part of town.
To provide them with means of keeping in touch with local news and events, Københavns Biblioteker Lydavis was established in 1983 to produce talking newspapers with articles from the weekly district newspapers of Copenhagen.
We publish eight talking newspapers every week, each covering a district of Copenhagen. To provide a wider perspective, the local stories are followed by articles about Copenhagen in general, selected from the leading national newspapers.
The articles are selected by librarians observing -

  • topicality
  • comprehensiveness
  • relevance to the local area

All articles are read by professional audio book readers and recorded digitally. The sound is then copied to mp3-CD.
The cds are mailed free of charge to our subscribers, and no documentation of visual impairment is required in order to subscribe.

Online audio newspapers
Since February 2006, we have also made the articles available online with an option of downloading the articles for use on your MP3 player. This service is also free of charge, and no user name or password is needed.
In May 2008, we began publishing a daily online-only talking newspaper containing articles about Copenhagen from the national newspapers. The articles can be played online, or they can be downloaded - but they are not distributed on CD.
Since 2011, we have made the articles available as podcast.
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